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An office close to the airport can be an advantage, especially when the buyer/clients is a frequent flyer. The areas surrounding airports enjoy excellent connectivity with the city centre by well-developed roads, flyovers, expressways and highways. In addition to being linked to the city through 24x7 transport facility, airports also offer several employment opportunities. For instance, in Gurugram, the proximity to Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport and a shortage of office space in Delhi have led to more multinationals setting up their offices in Gurugram.

“Availability of airport in close vicinity is considered as the biggest medium for national and international transportation. This type of region attracts a large crowd of corporate, delegates, Non-Resident Indians (NRI), entrepreneurs and High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNI) to invest,"

Good return on investment: Over the past few years airports all over India have attracted infrastructure initiatives transforming into high growth zones. We all know that sound infrastructure leads to better capital appreciation. This is especially apparent in Delhi case, where the international airport transformed the locality of Dwarka. Once a town in the outskirts of the city, the locality has recently seen many infrastructure developments such as proposed Diplomatic Enclave & Convention Centre.

This is further confirmed by financial Insight Report (July-September 2016), which conferred that Dwarka got a 9% price hike year on year. Those who have invested in homes near the airport often enjoy such price appreciation in the future as well as good rental returns in the present. Good quality of life: Proximity to an airport pushes up the realty development in its neighborhood, which means the area is bound to emerge as a commercial destination, witnessing expansion such as new retail outlets, malls, hotels, schools, entertainment zones and restaurants. This ensures a good quality in the neighborhood. The availability of premium offices in the locality anyway guarantees top notch amenities such as yoga centre, kids playing area and jogging track within the project.